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Dr. Peyman Faratin

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  • PhD ML (2000) University of London

  • Research Scientist (2000-2008): MIT

  • Founder (2010-2017): RobustLinks

  • Chief Scientist (2017-2020): Two Sigma

  • Senior Advisor (2020-Present): Mckinsey

  • LP and Advisor (2020-Present): Parameter Ventures

  • Member of CTO Club of New York

  • IFAAMAS Influential Paper Award 2023

  • NSF, DARPA and EB1 Awardee

  • Published ~80 scientific publications (~10,000 citations)

  • H-index: 29

  • Visiting Scholar (MIT: CSAIL & LIDS)

Peyman is a pioneering researcher and operator with over 30 years of engineering and leadership expertise in AI and ML. He has built and led ML and AI products and teams in Quant Finance (Two Sigma), Venture Capital (Parameter Venture) and Consulting (Mckinsey). 


  • University of London: PhD ML (2000). Coordination in Multi-Agent Systems

  • MIT: Research Scientist (2000-2008). ML for next gen intelligent IP networks 

  • Strands Inc: Chief Innovation Officer (2008-2010). New ML products lead 

  • RobustLinks: Founder (2010-). Vector-based NLP and Embeddings Technologies

  • Two Sigma: Chief Scientist (2017-2020). LLMs for the insurance industry.

  • Mckinsey: Senior Advisor (2020-Present). Contributor to the technology council working group of 10 leading names in the ML community, advising senior McKinsey leadership on technology and strategy.

  • Parameter Ventures: LP and Advisor (2020-Present). LP and Advisor, leading all the strategic direction of the firm over AI/ML/LLM investments in $50M AUM VC.

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