Learning to Estimate Vegetation Density from Images. A Deep Learning Approach

RobustLinks has been developing computer vision algorithms for clients in agricultural applications. To demonstrate some of the potentials of Convolution Neural networks we built a system that learns to estimate the density of vegetation in an image at any scale. This is joint work with Sagar Waghmare, an expert in Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

We used Plant Phenotyping DataSet to train a CNN for semantic and instance segmentation tasks. See Plant-phenotyping and how it was collected. The CNN code can be found on Github 

Big Data


Paraphrasing here

we should be ashamed of big data, because it means our algorithms are bad” – Bud Mishra, Professor, Computer Science, NYU.

Longer unedited version

We should be as proud of big data as one should be of a big tumor. Just as an uncontrolled tumor is a sign of a failed somatic surveillance, an oblivious immune system and unstable genomes, big data points to our failure to design better algorithms and architecture for the internet.


Google’s connection to Iran (on English Wikipedia)

How is Google connected to Iran? Querying Wikipedia links from page “Google” to page “Iran” and running Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm on the weighted directed cyclic graph gives us this (15 hop) shortest path

list of google domains
list of google products
world day against cyber censorship
reporters without borders
concerns and controversies over the 2008 summer olympics
concerns and controversies over the 2010 winter olympics
2010 canada anti-prorogation protests
timeline of the canadian afghan detainee issue
opposition to the war in afghanistan (2001–present)
blowback (intelligence)
abdul qadeer khan
iran–pakistan relations

Alan Turing


We’ve been indexing the (cumulative) page view counts of wikipedia for a while now. The pattern seems to be entertainment related pages (movies in particular). But to my surprise today I noticed that Alan Turing was 18th! Above Justin Bieber (at 26) and Tom Cruise (at 27th)!!



  1. Main Page 125764992
  2. Undefined 5916363
  3. UEFA Euro 2012 2463627
  4. Fifty Shades of Grey 2400574
  5. Prometheus (film) 2187157
  6. 404 error 1710697
  7. Wiki 1329682
  8. Higgs boson 1327427
  9. Facebook 1315548
  10. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 film) 1200449
  11. Scientology 1137067
  12. One Direction 1136127
  13. Deaths in 2012 1115729
  14. UEFA Euro 2012 schedule 1108055
  15. Elizabeth II 1102307
  16. The Avengers (2012 film) 1050659
  17. Game of Thrones (TV series) 1044779
  18. Alan Turing 1001883
  19. Andy Griffith 910641
  20. Independence Day (United States) 905349
  21. Moody chart 877351
  22. Mario Balotelli 859874
  23. The Legend of Korra 767574
  24. 2012 Summer Olympics 763270
  25. United States 759609
  26. Justin Bieber 745252
  27. Tom Cruise 731923

Long live Alan Turing.